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The long winded story of Marginal Editions. Founded by Brad Ewing way back in 2007, Marginal has gone through many transformations and has been in locations including CT, Brooklyn,NY and currently in NY, NY. Along the way Brad worked with Mike Neff and Erik Hougen. Currently working on publishing projects with Mae at Shore Publishing and crushing many contract jobs with the Master Printer Marco Lawrence.

Marginal has participated in 4 or 5 Editions/Artists' Book Fairs (E/AB) over the years, and last was in the Art on Paper Fair. There are Marginal Editions in the collections of both The Whitney Museum (NY) and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Please come see "Ten Marginal Years" which will open in NYC in 2018.  

Marginal is currently available for freelance projects. Marginal Editions address: 116 W 29th Street 7N, NY NY 10001

Contact us: Brad@Marginaleditions.com or 646 338 4330

CV available upon request.